Anwar Sutoyo


The understanding of human nature is very important for human resource development, because that understanding will be a starting point in establishing development objectives, development strategies, method selection, and the types of media used. The main problem that has arisen so far is that the understanding of human nature is only based on the results of quantitative research, without considering the information from the Essence of the Supreme Creator of Human (revelation), and consequently there are missing elements which limit the developtment of human resources. These studies only discuss things relating to physical, psychological, and social aspects; while important things such as the human creation process and its purpose, humanity’s status before God, its potential and its development have not received enough attention. To find answers to the above shortcomings, qualitative research utilizing document study techniques of Quranic main verses relating to humanity was conducted. It was conducted using maudhu ‘i interpretation, namely by studying verses which are related to humanity through the understanding of the interpreters of the Quran. It was revealed the humans do not exist by themselves. There is a creator that is God The Almighty. The purpose of human creation is to worship Him till the end of his life. Humans cannot determine the result of their own efforts because their lives partly still depend on God’s permission. Human life is not only here and now, but there will be a life hereafter, where humans will receive the rewards of what they do during their life in the world. Some characteristics which differentiate humans from other creatures were also found. From the begining of their creation they are equipped with “faith”; there is the mind which allows man to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, and the conscience that enables humans to know the things beyond the sensory.

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