Pelaksanaan Program Inklusif di Sekolah Menengah Teknik dan Sekolah Menengah Harian

Mohd Hanafi Bin Mohd Yasin, Hasnah Bte Toran, Shaharuddin Bin Shaari


Inclusive education program, launched by the ministry of education to implement the concept of “education for all”, has not been properly carried out and therefore does not reach what it should achieve. The main reason for this failure is the unavailability of resource teachers. The second is the school committee has not been properly provided with the concept and implementation of inclusive education. Besides, the teachers have not also been provided with ways of dealing with and teaching misbehaved students. Findings show that teachers have positive reaction towards this type of students but are uncertain how to better serve them as they don’t have enough experience. Teachers and board members should, therefore, take some relevant trainings and intensive leaves to improve themselves so that they will be capable of properly carrying out this inclusive education program at vocational schools.

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