Efektivitas Pengawasan Profesional dalam Meningkatkan Mutu Pembelajaran pada Era Otonomi Daerah

Dadang Suhardan


Amateur school supervision is one of the obstacles in improving quality national education in this autonomy and global era, particularly at elementary school level. Non-professional academic supervision which has not effectively improved teacher’s professionalism leads to low quality instruction. Using a qualitative inquiry with educational supervision as a grand theory, this study analyzes the effectiveness of professional supervision in improving teacher’s professionalism. The research findings show that spurred by competition in science and technology, school principals are encouraged to improve instruction through effective supervision. The ratio between their academic and administrative supervision is 40:15. Having insufficient comprehension on supervision as professional assistance, the school principals, however, are still unable to help support effective instruction. Their effort to improve the effectiveness of instruction through supervision is discouraged by some other problems such as low commitment of ‘local stockholders’, cooperation, stimulant, bureaucratic system, and the policy of district/city department of education.

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